The Observatory

The observatory features an American Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope Celestron 14", mounted stationary in an observation pavilion. The instrument has a diameter of the main mirror : D = 350 mm and a focal length : F = 3910 mm. There is a Carl Zeiss D = 100 mm, F = 1000 mm refractor and some other smaller instruments.

The observatory carry out observations of Sun, Moon, planets and their moons, star clusters, nebulaes, and other objects and phenomena.

Some of the exercises and observations that we could delivered are:
1. Working with a star map.
2 . Working with a telescope.
3 . Observations of celestial objects and phenomena.
4 . Stars and constellations (evening observation) - currently visible constellations, orientation in the sky, Moon and planets.
5 . Sun, orientation to the Sun, Sun spots and activity.

Prices for visitors:
-students: 1 BGN
-adults: 2 BGN

The practical sessions and observations can be combined with a lecture at Stellar Hall

Observations are carring out under clear sky and by appointment on tel 00359 66 808234.

14 inch telescope