About Us

Public Observatory and Planetarium Gabrovo is founded at 21st of May 1984 by the citizens of the town and the support of the local factory "Tochno Mashinostroene" and its director Ivan Stoyanov. Gabrovo is a major industrial region with good education delivered by several high schools and a technical university. It is situated in the skirts of the Balkan mountain in area with a rich and beautiful nature. Gabrovo is a capital of the humor and satire. The observatory is equipped with Carl Zeiss planetarium of 8 meter dome and 350 mm (14”) Smith Cassegrain telescope. Many visitors come each year to see our lectures in the stellar hall. Also there are different observation activities involving students and graduates from the town. The class of astronomy that the observatory delivers has the target to educate the young people of this wonderful science and also to involve them in observation and photography activities.

You can also see in our town:
• Gradishte Roman fortress: http://gradishte.planetarium-gb.eu/
• Hoses of humor and satire: http://www.humorhouse.bg
• Ethnographical museum in open – Etara: http://www.etar.org
• Ethnographical museum in open – Bojentsi: http://www.bojentsi.com
• Winter resort Uzana: http://uzana.gabrovo.bg/entry.php

You can also check out other astronomy initiations in Bulgaria:
• Observatories and Planetariums: http://observatories.hit.bg
• Department of Astronomy, University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski" - http://www.phys.uni-sofia.bg/~astro
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